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Has Your Veterinary Clinic or Animal Shelter Been Exposed to Canine Influenza H3N2?

If your clinic or shelter has been exposed to H3N2, or having problems with kennel cough, call us today. We can disinfect a few rooms or your entire clinic in about the time it takes to grab lunch. We can destroy the pathogens that cause kennel cough and other animal illnesses. More importantly, we stop the spread of pathogens and ensure the health and safety of other animals in your care.


We use one of the only systems approved by the EPA for whole-space disinfection in hospitals and clinics. Our EPA certified system kills 99.9999% of the hardest to kill pathogens, including C. diff spores.


Disinfecting your entire clinic or a single room is now a simple process that is also affordable. Call us today to learn about disinfecting you clinic or business and how whole space disinfection can save you thousands of dollars.